Monday, February 26, 2007

A Question of Faith?

Even if they did prove that Jesus had a kid …oh hang on, James Cameron announced he found the tomb of Christ and there were inscriptions showing ‘Jesus’, ‘Son of Jesus’ and Mary something or the other, Magdalene’s original name… anyway, the show is on the 4th of March on the Discovery Channel
Even if they did prove he had a kid, I don’t think it will make any sort of difference. I guess religion really is a leap of faith and well, some people just accept it. So if it were prove that that was Jesus, I am sure there will be some sort of rationalization (and I use this loosely since we are talking about religion after all), those who want to believe, still will. Acceptance seems to come easy.

Which is loosely tied in with this thread I have had for a few days now. I go about espousing the fact that there is only so much you can do when it comes to other people. I mean really now. For instance, if person A likes person B, then all that persona A is hope that person B likes them back. But beyond that? You can try and imagine all sorts of outcomes when you go ahead and say something like that but would that really help? Can you be anything or anyone other than who you are? Can you get someone to like you back? I think the problem comes in the fact that you can’t really get anyone to do anything while giving them freedom.
Any how, so if you accept this piece of logic, the natural next step is fine, you accept things the way they are and hope for the best. Now hoping for the best and having faith that things will turn out well requires non-rational thought.
Wait that seems flawed.

Actually not, if in the bigger picture, you hope everything turns out fine, you seem to be putting faith into that thought, making a jump of sorts. So how do you go about accepting? Is there any thought path you can follow to accept?

Hmm, oh well

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