Sunday, February 25, 2007

How the HELL do my thoughts jump around like kernels being popped?

So needed to get some maal. I go out, unshaven, threw on whatever and wait on the curb. This SUV pulls over and there are two guys
"Get in"
Zaphod has a flash of being an anonymous face on the inside page of the paper
"Get in"
Zaphod obliges lest he be an anonymous face on the inside page.
They start to drive. A hand slides back
"Pick one. $50"
Zaphod picks one, slides the money, gets dropped off and goes home.

Bobo's brother comes over and we proceed to go where them thar kites be and watch "Jaaney Bhi Do Yaaron"
-- Why is whenever they have to cast a woman in a negative role, back in the day, the women had Christian names like Rita or Tina? It's interesting that the female proponents, paragons of virtue had the most Indian name. Now with a more open approach to women's sexuality, they have Indian names, the item girl, the vamp.

-- Men average 7 second of thought to it, fine. But that's an average. For instance, most of the time they are fine and seem to swing between protective feelings for the fairer sex and as soon as there a mild flirtation, jump whole hog and wonder if they can get in her pants.
Whether this is true or not, let me draw on the film when Shobhaji wants Naseruddin Shah's character to take on the assignment. She plays coy and damsel in distress and he wants to help her. But as soon as she goes over the top, he gets this glint as though he can get more out of her. She switches back to damsel in distress and he becomes a knight in shining armor. Again, the smallest sexual innuendo and he becomes the cad trying to get an upskirt peek

-- Sexuality in that movie is kinda obvious. Shah's character slips and falls and she picks him up with patent sandel clad feet. Or when she says she knows what it means to be tired and fight injustice and says something to the effect of "mein bhi bhokee hoon, koi meree bhook ko samjhney'vala nahin hai kya?"
Oh please woman, you know what you are saying, *he* knows what you are saying and you know he knows what you are saying. If the plot line were irrelevant, you would see frames cut to a tree and a thunderstorm, y'know, do a little dance, get down tonight

-- Is it just me or is it the universe having a laugh that on, 'Delivery' category is right after the 'Date spot' category under 'Restaurants'?

-- The soundtrack from Forrest Gump isn't half bad

So, this is Zaphod's ADD brain under the influence. Next time, am just watching the movie!

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