Sunday, February 04, 2007

Meeting the Cobblestones

"i dont want to do this
im sorry"

Been here, done that

I think i suddenly found myself in a familiar role and that broke the camels back. Well...tough.

I think I made one significant demand i.e. time when she was busy and I think that's something only a better half can do, so somehow I ended up in a role I shouldnt have been in.

Anyway, it's at times like this I'm glad for the fatalist.

I guess I did demand time to talk because it's the only way to get to know someone. Of course, conversations are best carried out at a leisurely place. But then again, the refrain 'I don't know you' coupled with perhaps an implicit time line forced me to react. It seems all a bit unnatural or at the very least unfamiliar. So, I guess between hearing how well her Ex and her best friend know her (but then its been 6 years) and how little she knows me, I wanted to talk to get her to know and understand me. But on the hand, that leads to inevitable (?) over crowding so I guess friction was avoidable.

Well we'll see.


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