Thursday, March 29, 2007


So I has kidding around making a bet with a colleague as to who could shed 20 pounds in three months, the LadyBoss walks in and asks what the bet is...
Is it that Z will make it in before 8, 8:30am...or that he won't take another sick day?

Of course, fuck the fact that the latest I have walked in is 7:45am instead of 7:30am and that I have taken 3 in the year, one of which was when I was sent home, by her, for having the flu...time to take care of this.

It just annoys me face time counts more than the shit I do. And fuck that, I get results goddamnit. Nevermind the fact that if you go to ask a question, you get snapped at for interrupting and if you dont give it in on time, you get snapped at or you get snapped at for not coming and clarifying, what. the. fuck

Anyway, will roll with the freaking punches. Don't have a choice, am the youngest then again.


hedonistic hobo said...

screw 'em i say.
so which is the next city you and i will bunk together in? not nyc. BOMBAY? how about it? or back to la londres?

Zaphod said...

Yeah well. Was a swift kick in the pants I needed.
Anyway, yeah, not NYC. Let's do Bombay. I haven't really lived there, Delhi is stale, we did London...Bombay sounds good. Besides, holds a lot of promise that city does

ggop said...

Don't you feel like giving such people a piece of your mind? Sigh.

Zaphod said...

I do. In my head, have beautiful images of telling them exactly what I think and knowing I would be spot on.
But this is NY, egos abound. Until I'm up there, have to eat humble pie, even when it's not my own.