Sunday, March 18, 2007

22 Random Things About Me!

Oh fine ya, since I have been tagged again and its a Sunday morning and I'm too lazy to get out of bed, will given in. 20 random things hun?

1. I don't mind taking the subway or any other form of public transport. I am not snooty like that. I abhor bad pronunciation and am an elitist that way.

2. I have eye lashes like a fucking camels, I can't wear glasses all the way up. I also have fish lips keeping in line with animal analogies

3. If I am thinking, I hate sudden interruptions and snap at the other person. So if you see me with a frown for no reason, means I am thinking and don't interrupt this very minute please.

4. Last time I got uh, touchy feely with someone, there were 6-7 people passed out in the room. (grin) sorry!

5. I have large feet. I can also flip my tongue over 180 degrees.

6. I make bad jokes as a defense mechanism. It's easier to see someone laugh than turn down a request, especially to be let in.

7. I like M*A*S*H* so sue me.

8. I can eat anything with bananas. Pie, subzee, milkshake, fried, steamed, on wuffles, in a hat, in a boat, from here to Seuss, I like bananas.

9. Apparently one of my most redeeming qualities is that anyone can talk to me. Thanks for telling me that Bobo, nice to know and I don't have an ego big enough to say that about myself!

10. As a three year old, I stuck a fork in a power outlet, was stuck to it and then thrown across the bathroom. I guess this would explain something.

11. When I'm serious, I mean what I say and I say what I mean. I love the english language and odds are there is a good reason for how I said what I said.

12. I will pay more attention to a woman's rear end than her top. Why you would want to know this is beyond me. But still.

13. Am terrified of being burnt alive or buried alive. I'd rather it be quick and painless and am most afraid of being a vegetable unable to move but be completely aware.

14. I never ever want to be close minded or intolerant of any one elses opinions. Seems like a waste to be like that.

15. What drives me nuts in a bad way: a woman who seems like I could walk all over her. What also drives me nuts is watching a woman stretch. What can be done to me to shut the fuck up and have my jaw drop: the whole she put my finger between her lips thing. I could be hit by a brick and not notice it.

16. The one thing odds are you won't ever see me doing but I do anyway, lips the words to the intro for "Scrubs" and do a dance with it.

17. If a woman is wearing something with a low back or backless, it warrants a second look. No questions asked.

18. I was a complete geek in school. I still am a geek but hope am a bit cooler now.

19. I like cooking. I also have this sappy notion of cooking with a girl and somehow that leading to something something in the kitchen. I don't know why this is but some how cooking makes me happy and well, so does the something something. Oh screw it, I can't explain.

20. Polka dots confuse me.

21. I like dancing. I can't do it in a group any more. Give me a girl and hells, I'll be out there all night long.

22. I say 'hells yeah' and 'y'all'. Sorry.


Toe Knee said...

That's the best '22 Random Things About Me' I have ever read :)

Zaphod said...

Wow, well, thank you very much!!
ALways good to have the inane stuff appreciated!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha. i love the nice little following your blog seems to have built up.
slightly alarming though, are all the female bloggers who seem to have taken a shine to you.
on an unrelated note: ayemizzew.

Afifa said...

Dear Zaphod,
Your blog is beautiful and so is your writing. Can i quote "Ten irrational thoughts rational people often think" in my blog, courtesy your blog & the source?