Thursday, March 22, 2007

55 'Fiction'

-- To the past--

The two of them sat at the steps of the photo shop waiting for one of their mothers' to come out.
He took a deep breath, “I have a crush on her
Oh, I know”, said his best friend, grinning
He had never been nonplussed. But then again, he had never fallen for someone before.

They go back in the metro, his arm around her, chin on her head, watching his reflection in the glass as the world blurs by.
It’s a dull throb he knows will get worse. It hasn’t sunk in.
Six years is a long time
I’m sorry but I can’t do this” echoing in his head.

I’m sorry, I love you and I want to be with you!
How can I ever trust you again?! You broke my heart! And I loved you!
Please forgive me, I made a mistake
, tears streaming down her cheeks, voice trembling
‘I’m sorry’ she said. Once, twice…
The third time around, he didn’t come back.

--To the ugly--

He stared down the hallway with its treated concrete bricks and the clinical lights remembering him an asylum, Jack Nicholson from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
They had gone for a dorm dinner. He looked around for the remaining faces and saw one black and one ‘yellow’.
But then again, he *was* brown

It didn’t hurt. But then again, he felt he hadn’t felt anything in a while. Flatline he called it.
Well, if he didn’t feel anything any more, may be this would help. Reaching over, he saw Made in Germany, written on the dull blade.
It didn’t hurt, so he did it again. And then some.

-- To the dream --

He had worked hard for this moment
It was a pleasure having you visit us in New York.
Our firm has completed a good bit of our undergraduate recruiting process and I am pleased to write you that we'd like to discuss next steps with you.
Please call me at your earliest convenience

-- To the new--

No holding hands when we get there, not then and not now”, she said under her breath
He winced and removed his hand wondering what had changed in the few hours since they had kissed
But he forgot the next day as they watched a movie, as she slipped her arm in his and smiled

(Her): why? do relationships often bring out the worst in people?
Me: because often they overreact
you expect the person you are with to be more understanding than the average joe
so when they are not
its not only irritation and anger
but tinged with disappointment
goddamn im articulate for someone who hasn’t had coffee

Laughing, he said, “Goddamnit woman! I’m the man! I wear the pants in this…thing we have!”
(They weren’t quite sure if they could date until he moved back home.)
He heard her giggle and speak and hoped that in the moments he would be an insecure, frustrated idiot, the voice of reason would be hers

He lay in bed, hearing the traffic, the sirens, the people, water from the melting snow.
His arm stretched out to empty side of the bed, reaching for another cushion.
He could remember her giggle and her words and even though he missed her terribly, he buried his face in the pillow with a smile.

Inspired by the Wiseling! Thanks!

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