Friday, April 20, 2007

Eureka! Eureka I Say!

So this is my jump out of the bath tub and run through Syracuse naked moment. No, really. It hit me in the shower.

I blame the past too much for what I am and all these interpersonal issues. Fuck that shit! I'm freeeeee (see little running clouds a la comic strip behind me, my towel flapping in the wind)


You would have thought this would have occurred to me without the eureka. But it did.

Now it has. I can't say it will make things clearer but it will certainly help me get rid of this stupid invisible boulder I have been dragging around for so long now.

In any event.


Zaphod in elevator with three women from the office.
Tiniest one: I saw Tom Cruise the other day.
Middle one: yeah?
Tallest one with poofy hair: I heard he was short
Zaphod (surpressed grin>
Tiniest: Yeah he is.
Middle: I don't think I'd find him that attractive then
Bing! Our floor.
The perfect gentleman, I was for them to exit.
Tallest one: Thank you

I do appreciate polite women. And those with poofy hair!

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