Monday, March 03, 2008

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Ten Things You Wish You Could Say To People Right Now

1. I love you, sleep well and I'll be there to take care of you before you know it
2. No, it isn't all that it's cracked up to be here. Yes, it's a great city but awfully lonesome
3. I'm sorry. Yes, I did hurt you and I see now it was best that we went our own way. But I still like talking to you
4. I feel really sad that I missed seeing you grow up and that you are a person I barely know. But I hope to change that
5. Yes but now I'm my own biggest critic. No, it's not fun
6. You shouldn't have said that one needs to go out there and create opportunities. You should have told me the truth
7. Stop being scared of failure, heck, you know that if you don't try, you'll never win
8. I'm sorry I led you to believe I could give you more
9. Don't call your self a feminist. Who you are changes with the boy de jour
10. I promise to never lie to you, even if it means causing you pain

Nine Things About Yourself

1. I live in my head
2. I believe we all chose this life before we were born, the experiences, trials and tribulations were hand picked so that we could learn as much as possible.
3. It takes a long long time to get to know me. I don't know why that is, there seem to be a fair number of reasons
4. I go insane if I am bored. Really
5. I am a geek and proud of it
6. I can wiggle my ears, turn my tongue over, touch the tip of my thumb to the underside of my arm and have size 11 feet
7. I regret spending so much time being conscious of others
8. I am a planner and even know details of the house I want to build one day. On the whole, this may lead to much unhappiness if I fail to get what I think will make me happy
9. I am very stubborn, obstinate and all around a difficult person to date. I can have this sufficiently proven. Heck, I wouldn't date me. But then again, I am one of the more interesting people I know so yes, I think I have a bit of an ego


Eight Ways To Win Your Heart

1. Give me space when I need it. I treasure the time spent alone when I need it, just to regain balance
2. Rationally explain things to me when I'm doing my headless chicken impression
3. Talk to me, lapses of silence from my end mean something is bothering me and I would like to know you are there
4. Come to me with your problems because that makes me feel I can take care of you
5. Talk to me about stuff I am interested in. If I get all jabbery, that means you piqued my curiosity
6. Witty come backs are always appreciated
7. Appreciate the music I love, it's not necessary but doesn't hurt!
8. Give me a handwritten note. I promise to save it

Seven Things That Cross Your Mind A Lot

1. Where will I be at the end of the year
2. Will I get in to a B-school program I like
3. When can I have a normal relationship
4. How do I occupy my time
5. Will I make us happy
6. Will I rebound back if I do fall
7. Why wont the cable wire stay under the clip and how does it come undone every three days?

Six Things You Regret

1. Being an introvert in school
2. Being scared of getting hurt and not acting on things sooner
3. Being a slacker when it came to exercise
4. Being emotionally unavailable to the people closets to me
5. Over thinking things
6. Being insecure

Five Turn-Off's

1. Bad nails
2. Bad breath
3. An idiotic glaze when I talk about anything that may just be interesting
4. An attractive person who knows it and uses it as their biggest asset
5. Snooty people when it comes to social circles

Four Turn-On's

1. The smell on her as she gets out of the shower
2. A genuine, loud laugh
3. Her voice in my ear telling me things no one else is supposed to hear
4. Lips that aren't just a thing, straight line

Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die

1. Walk the 750km pilgrimage across northern Spain
2. Have a photography exhibition
3. Go up a mountain away from everything, sit alone and feel anonymous

Two Smileys that Describe You
1. :D
2. 8-o

One Confession
1. Read the blog

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Menagerie said...

Interesting Blog..can totally relate to the struggles of finding a job in Mumbai ( or any location further from where one is)