Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shiny Shiny Stuff

Why is it the books now days, and I don't mean drivel, yes being judgmental but I don't consider Jeffrey Archer a book, it's a novel.  So by books these days, well they seemed more adult versions of what kids read in college.  Again, I refer to those who read "for pleasure" as one agog girl put it at BC.  Anyway, these books have more of a plasticy patent feel to them than the smell of those old books, the smell I like so much.

I want to read those books which stick.

Same can be said for music.  Bands seem to come with a shiny cling wrap feel to them, rather than the grittier feel of Led Zepp at Knebworth
I know I really sound like those guys I used to meet at the steps of the college canteen but to be fair, I did give music its place in scheme of things.

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