Thursday, February 28, 2008

Daily Drivel

Good morning sportsfaaaaaans!

I can’t remember which movie that’s from, I know it’s from when I was a kid, sprawled out on the brown wall-to-wall carpeting (made by Mr. Walter Wall ladies & gentleman! – kudos and brownie points if you know which book that’s from. Also the promise of a dessert from The Big Chill) of the living room in Saudi Arabia.

Anyway, I digress. I came to a realization. Okay, I read this some where and thought it made sense so im copying, plagiarizing if you will. But, and this time, say it with me, I will quote the truth wherever I find it, even if it’s Snoopy the Dog
(another shot at kudos/brownie points worth 1/10,000th of a cent/dessert from the Big Chill if you know where from or who I am paraphrasing in saying that)

The two active ingredients for procrastination (for me?) are fear and doubt. Which is why whenever I have procrastinated, it’s always been over something that scares me. Maybe this is a universal truth that everyone knows, maybe it’s something now all of two people know, I don’t care or know. But I never understood my procrastination nor the pattern behind it until now.

So. To give up the fear means to jump into it whole heartedly, both feet going kerplunk. Of course fear is sometimes a good thing, it’s the voice of self preservation. But like all good advice, heed it, value it, then make your own decision weighed on the prospects of loss, learning and the potential light at the end of the tunnel.

Also, no plan is written in stone. It’s only when it is fluid can it adapt, can it not disappoint and all in all, lead to a better process.

Fank you

Now for some link love to
Stefan Bucher whose video clips on daily monsters is brilliant. Go check site, I have already preordered book (well, it’s in my shopping cart).

Also, new
dubstep chappie I was introduced – Burial

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