Monday, February 25, 2008

Badly Written Post, Just Want To Remind Myself How Things Change

Right so I’m going to try and approximate the verbiage I seem to spew when trying to wrestle with organizing a burst of tangential thoughts:

It’s been ups n downs including one meltdown listed here. But since then, I have moved on from the position for India (via London for 6mos) with a PE firm. The MD who interviewed me wrote back a whole week after I thanked him for his time. Also, given one of the guys I met in the lobby is a lot older than I, has an MBA and works with KKR, yeah I probably wont get the job. Oh well. Things don’t work out how you always want or so sayeth my personal Yoda the ear hair notwithstanding

I have had one interview with another firm in London but they do stuff I don’t and there’s only so far I can wing it.
But I let it go

I had one with a Singapore hedgie where an Indian woman interviewed me, everything seemed to go swimmingly until (being familiar with the City I grew up in) asked me when I graduated (2000) and then asked how old I was (you aren’t supposed to legally do that you know) but she did ask and when I told her, she went, “Oh”
Not an oh! or even an ohhhhhhhh! or a simple okay
The oh was more the you’re only twentyfiveohmygosh. Yeah, I’m 25 and still answered everything you asked.

I’m sorry but if being young works against me, I cant help it.

Now, I did reach out to another hedgie in NY and the lady described my resume as incredibly interesting (okay! Gimme job then!)
I spoke to the NY guy who said even though they are on a hiring freeze, if they like me, they will take me. So I am meeting the head of research on Friday.

I am also meeting another NY hedgie on Thursday.

I am also meeting a recruiter who knows 4-5 NY places which would be a fit and that’s tomorrow. Boy, did I pick to wrong time for a flu/cold relapse

Now I do have a back up that is a gamble. End of March I move to India and work for a microcredit place for 6-8 months while prepping for the GMAT and working on MBA apps. I then get in (to the MBA school…okay, one of the 5 I like) and then travel. I want to do the 700km trek from France to Spain i.e. the Camino de Santiago. I also want to work in either the wildlife hospital in Greece, the conservatory in Ecuador or the refuge in Bolivia (I love animals, heck I own every Gerald Durrell written and have read each one to know the opening chapter and what follows)

Of course, the gamble is that I do get into the program of my choice else I am stuck

Now, the options in order
The PE firm that sends me to London and then India (they don’t let you start until July which means I can still travel myself)
One of the hedgies in NY for a year, take time off to travel to India, then work with them for a year and apply to B school
Do the microfinance thing and travel

So, if anyone has any leads on microfinance, you got a volunteer here, twenty five and ready to get his hands dirty!

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