Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Who Knew?

Everything happens for a reason….but is there a reason behind everything that has already happened?


That was an errand thought that words playing around handed me.

I had a chance to be good yesterday. I was walking home from the gym when I saw a credit card lying on the sidewalk. Now the thing is, I am broke…and I surprised myself when I picked up the card to find a lost and found number behind it…

Its just after I dialed it in did I realize I could use it…so what do you think I did??

Today I saw another person return something that was valuable. This typical self-styled New Yorker with long hair and a trench-coat reached behind to feel for the key. As her hand moved out of her pocket, the keys fell out (ironic isn’t it? Thought she wouldn’t have thought so). The man behind her picked up and she thanked him.

I guess no storm over the Atlantic Ocean over that incident . Nonetheless, what got me thinking over both incidents was the movie “Happenstance” . I love Audrey Tautou, she can be oh so expressive without saying it or gesticulating or even wiggling her eyebrows. Its…her eyes I guess. Anyway, the point of the story is that everything happens for a reason. I could tell you about the movie but the point is that its so convoluted, the head hurts. But yes, it did make me think about all the co-incidences in my life.

I’m going to pick two:

One: it was the 11th grade and this representative from this prestigious British school had come down to announce a scholarship to complete the 11th and 12th grade. I believe 4 of us appeared for the test – 8 hours long in English, Math, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History and a foreign language (German). I actually made it through to the interviews where there were a total of 10 hopefuls 9and mind you, this was a nation-wide scholarship).

If a bird has to crap, it will hold on until it finds me.

I came in third, a substitute in case one of the two selected stood down and didn’t go. (I later learned that both their parents knew the Chancellor of the school….go figure, isn’t that a convenient co-incidence?)

Now, because I didn’t get through, I stayed on, did a year in my home country, got fed up with it, came to the US and well, ended up writing this here now…

Talk about a string of events having an awareness

Two: this was the year in the college I did in my home country. One of my closest friends of the time made me fill out a form for AIESEC , this student run body that I knew nothing about. Now of course, I remember it all very well. It was a $15 form, I was a wiseass and remember for the question: the biggest challenge you have ever faced, answer: thinking of something clever to say on this form

I got through.

There was a national conference for all new recruits and the train ride took two days.

I saw her sitting alone in a purple T-shirt (she insists she never had a purple one) reading a Sidney Sheldon. She was the only one reading. I had to talk to her.

5 and a half years later, I’m still in love with her

…because of a $15 form and a wiseass remark…

who knew?

PS: i saw the site for the school for the first time today...almost said, "It looked nice"...

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