Friday, February 10, 2006

A Third World New York Life

New York life for me is one of I ate bad chinese take out watching a world class chef prepare truffles followed by 6 jellybeans while watching chefs duke it out for the best designed desserts (why 6? because the counter top jelly bean machine my roomate has vends 4-6 at a time)

I spent an hour going through scouring digital camers, their pixel capacity, manual features, LCD screens, apertures, focal points followed by a 15 minute calculation of how much I can spend each day until payday followed by a 20 minute conversation with one of my best friend on how to invest in mutual funds in India.

Talk about extremes.

I wondered if I could afford to do laundry this weekend continued with a mental list of uh, 'product' (inside joke) that I want to get ...

I'm already thinking of Sunday next (night before President's Day) and if Ash wants to have dinner either at Tao or Pastis

God help me.


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