Tuesday, February 07, 2006

And Their Grandmother's Faces...

I guess anyone reading this would want a bit of a preamble. Now, if it were someone who knew me reading this, they know it isn’t forthcoming.
But to be reasonable, I doubt anyone will read this…least of all me in a years time
: o)

Anyway, so Saturday night we went to Nikki Beach, invitation (table) courtesy Ash’s boy du jour. Well, he seems enough a nice guy and I hope he lasts.

Let’s see.

Interesting place, Nikki Beach…first reaction – this is where the models come out and play. I of course felt terribly out of place (I had come directly from a Lifehouse concert and was looking a bit water logged, my glasses steamed up, my boxers ride up where the sun don’t shine). Now usually I go with the flow and love melting in…then again I was a snowball thrown into hell with not much chance of fitting in! Who cared though…

Now, coming back to it, interesting place this…all the women have the bodies and clothes of 25 year olds and the faces of their grandmothers. The men wear $500 shirts (or something like that), are balding with potbellies that would fit the part of the grandfather in an Italian movie.
I don’t know, it felt sad…or at least felt like an attempt to never grow old. Now I’m not saying stop partying when you grow old…just…I hope its with a woman you love and now a grown-up sorostitute.

I spent too much money on drinks that barely did it for me. SB I guess got comfortable with me. No, not like that…I don’t think I would ever want it like that again….anyway, I digress, what I meant is that she hung out with me without acting weird…finally…I guess 7-8 drinks would make the Pope comfortable with me.
Anyway, she got drink, armed herself with a limplumper and hilarity ensued. Then again, do I need a lip-plumper?? Ye gads….

Ash and her boy were quite comfortable till the bouncer made us leave. We headed back to his place…which in hindsight was a bit hm, intrusive of me but I figure everyone was drunk (everyone at this point being the 4 of us). Bolla tried to find music to play while those two spooned and made out on his bed.

He lived on the 29th floor. The view is of the city.
: o)
How could my mind resist waxing poetic to no one and everyone alike? It was heartbreaking to realize I would never be that young as I was that night…

Well, the thing with the city is there are times I can be with friends and be lonesome, with strangers and feel as though it were the company of my oldest friends…go home to find peace just to find this grayness I still don’t get.
Well anyway, moving along…next purchase – digital camera for me…one with b/w mode

Why? Not to fight growing old, to remember what it was like to be young

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