Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Thing About Being Broke...

...its no fun
Especially when you walk in to your room and see the leftover ends of your subway sandwhich...just to put another on the plate
Yeah...so anyway, it comes back when its the weekend and you are wondering if the chicken you bought and left in your freezer a month and a half ago is still okay...

And people wonder why money is such a great incentivizer (dont knwo if thats a word but I will borrow it from "the Office"

Bloomberg magazine did an interesting piece on the effects of money, gaining and losing it, on the mind; guess what, its the same as sex. No cigars there.
But then again that would explain that quickening of breath and well, I'm sure, dilating of the pupils.

Hm, I guess I always wanted a lot of things...no, not in the sense that "Mommy! I want that toy!!", believe me, there was the usual dose of that. More in the sense that the neighbors got a new Merc and my Dad is driving the smaller, second car, my car which the valet at the 5-star refused to park. I guess that was one of those moments that you grow up in a flash.
And people say others don't understand the value of money.

I want my house to look like the one in my head. I want her to be decked in diamonds that women drool over and other men wish they could have. I want I want I want and god damn it, I'm not ashamed of it.

Yes, I will be the day I live just to make more money, when spending time with her in the park is less important, when I don't have time to be with her and my child.

Money is the purest form of trading labor (both, physical and that in the realm of ideas and thoughts). Apropo John Galt from "Atlas Shrugged"

Hm, there is much I have to learn

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