Friday, December 08, 2006

How tepid is this country?
Apparently there was a tornado that ripped off roof in northwest London. Me? All I had to say was that this city is awfully damp.
Now look here, I have been in a tornado path in Virginia and *that* was a real one! Of course, even then, all of us were running, playing soccer in the rain since the college cut out the power to make sure there were no mishaps.

Right, now I haven’t been blogging for the a few simple reasons:

1. I have been sick. Three times. Or once but surfacing thrice, depends how you look at it. Howumsoever you put it, it sucks. I hate having stuffed nose, a phlemy chest (I *hate* that word, ‘phlegm’…its onomatopoeic for some reason) Anywho
2. There is nothing exciting going one save in one area of my life, the absence of mention of which is painfully obvious so I needn’t elaborate.
3. Blogging been restrained due to the obvious-omission in aforementioned point (sorry, lack of blogging as left me rather toothy and word-flagrant). But yes, I think its that fact which has put the proverbial leash on to my ranting and such do’s. Well, here’s the thing, I think everyone has secrets and rather darker sides to them which well, perhaps are best revealed under the cover of anonymity (which was unfortunately blown clear out thanks to eM who still owes me for that). Now, if the painfully obvious omission sees that, I am worried that Omission will be turned off by the entire thing and will disappear leaving me with well, lots to write about but that’s never a good thing as you can see, I blog more the more bothered I am. I am hoping that the Omission changes that. Who knows, if something does come out of it, will introduce you to Omission via blog

I…am still cautious about the year. While a lot of shit went down (and forgive the use of slang), it may redeem it self if it isn’t given to natural fears about anything new…see, all this would make more sense if I could elaborate but giving in to the natural fears I just mentioned, I don’t want to.

So I wont

Tough noogies.

Though honestly, am just tired. I am going back tomorrow to NYC. If anyone wants to meet up either in Delhi or NYC, lemme know, am always up for coffee!

Oh and to indulge in gadget lust, so when im 40, I can look back and remember I had no responsibilities when I was 23, am buying a 42” LG LCD this weekend and a home entertainment get up and going through paroxysm of gaming pleasure on the new Xbox…picshures to follow hopefully

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eM said...

a) i DIDN'T reveal your identity! the people who you're referring to already knew your name, promise.

b) have heard via bouncy/amulya that you know all our secrets now.

which leads to c) do you still want to meet up for drink/caffiene/nicotine in the Capital?